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Getting rid of a scrap fridge is tough, yet it’s vital to create room and ensure safe disposal. Knowing the moves and safety measures helps you manage this operation easily, whether you are tackling an old refrigerator pickup or sorting out the next steps for obsolete fridges. This article will unveil the top method for junk refrigerator removal.

What to Do with an Old Refrigerator?

Is an old fridge sitting around? You’ve got choices. Recycle it or give it away. Maybe even call a professional junk hauler for pickup.


Recycling is good for the earth. A lot of a fridge can be repurposed, like metal, plastic, and some coolant too. Ask your nearby recycling center if they take old fridges and the exact rules.

Professional Junk Removal

Want an easy fix? Get a professional junk removal team. They’re experts at old refrigerator pick-up and making sure they’re dumped right. It’s a real time saver, especially if your fridge is big and heavy.

How to Remove a Refrigerator?

Junk refrigerator removal involves careful planning and execution to avoid damage to your home and ensure safety.


First, disconnect the fridge power and clear it out. This means taking out all the food, shelves, and drawers. If there’s ice inside, let it melt. Wipe down the inside so there’s no spill when it’s time to move it.

Safety Measures

Always remember to put on safety gloves and footwear to protect yourself from harm. Getting help from a buddy or a relative is a smart idea, given the bulky and clumsy nature of fridges. Moving straps or a hand truck could be handy in simplifying and safeguarding the operation.


Unplug the fridge from the electric socket and detach any water pipes if it’s a fridge with a built-in ice maker or water tap. Carefully manage the water pipes to stop any potential drips.

How Do You Remove a Fitted Refrigerator?

Removing a fitted refrigerator, such as one that’s built into your kitchen cabinetry, requires extra steps.

Clearing the Surroundings

Start by decluttering the space near the fridge. Take off any cabinet boards or parts that could hinder taking it out. This guarantees you’ve got enough room to move the device.

Loosening the Screws

Look for screws or brackets that may be keeping the fridge steady. Take a screwdriver, loosen, and take the parts out. Store these screws somewhere safe, just in case you need them again for another setup.

Sliding Out the Refrigerator

After taking out the screws and brackets, slowly pull the fridge from its place. Use a dolly or moving straps for easy, smooth removal.

How Do You Remove a Refrigerator Without Damaging the Floor?

Protecting your floor during junk refrigerator removal is crucial to avoid scratches and dents.

Using Protective Materials

Place cardboard or moving blankets on the floor to create a protective barrier. This will prevent the refrigerator from scratching the floor as you move it.

Moving Techniques

When you need to relocate the fridge, don’t pull it along the ground. Be sure to raise it a bit with a hand truck or harness. But if you have to skim it, double-check that there’s a barrier under it.

Extra Caution on Delicate Floors

If you have delicate flooring like hardwood or tile, take extra precautions. Use thick moving blankets and move slowly to avoid any damage.

How Heavy is a Fridge?

Understanding the weight of a refrigerator helps in planning its removal.

Average Weight

Fridges come in different weights. Usually, a normal fridge can weigh from 200 to 400 pounds. The weight goes up for bigger types like double-door or business fridges.

Planning for the Weight

Understanding the heaviness helps in preparing for the lifting task. Make certain you have adequate assistance and proper equipment, such as a cart or hauling belts, to manage the load securely.

How Do You Remove a Tight Refrigerator?

Removing a refrigerator from a tight space requires patience and the right techniques.

Measuring the Space

Before pulling out your fridge, take a good look at the space. Knowing how much room there is will help you plan things out.

Gentle Maneuvering

When removing the refrigerator, move it gently and avoid forcing it out. Use a dolly to lift and move it carefully. If the space is too tight, consider removing doors or panels to create more room.

Professional Help

If the refrigerator is in an extremely tight spot, consider hiring professionals. They have the experience and tools to handle such situations without causing damage.

Environmental Considerations

When removing a junk refrigerator, it’s important to consider the environmental impact.

Proper Disposal

Refrigerators contain refrigerants that can be harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly. Ensure that the appliance is handled by professionals who can safely remove and recycle the refrigerants.

Recycling Programs

Many communities have recycling programs specifically for appliances. Check with your local waste management to find out about such programs and how you can participate.

Reducing Waste

By donating or recycling your old refrigerator, you contribute to reducing waste and promoting sustainability. This is a responsible way to dispose of an appliance that is no longer needed.

Is an Old Refrigerator Taking Up Valuable Space in Your Home?

Don’t let an old, bulky refrigerator clutter your living space any longer. Our Junk Refrigerator Removal Services are designed to help you reclaim that valuable space with ease and efficiency. Whether it’s an outdated model, a non-working unit, or simply an appliance that’s been replaced, we handle the heavy lifting, transportation, and eco-friendly disposal for you. Our team is experienced, professional, and committed to providing top-notch service to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Ready to free up space and dispose of your old refrigerator responsibly?


Getting rid of a junk refrigerator removal may seem tough. With a good plan, though, it’s not too hard to do it right and safely. Maybe you’re trying to get an old fridge out of the house or need to wiggle a fridge out without scratching the floor. Either way, good planning and care are needed. Don’t forget, you could recycle or give away the old fridge to help the environment. Following these steps ensures a smooth and thoughtful fridge removal.


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